Mogora, Pestilence

(Moh gore' ah)


After Ewysus slaughtered the City of Deplari with a dark plague, the tormented souls of the dead rose up, taking the form of a lumbering, giant corpse. Mogora wandered Urth, carving the Desert Scar, before collapsing at what is now known as Pestila.



The majority of those who worship Mogora worship out of terror, fearing His return. They seek to appease the tormented souls that form Him. Those who worship Mogora value servitude, respect, and conservatism.


Mogora has been dormant for hundreds of years, although those who visit his corpse, describe being able to feel (and hear!) the tormented souls which gave form to Mogora.

Mogora's Curse

Mogora’s mere presence draws the life energy out of the environment. He brings plagues and blights wherever he goes. This led to the creation of the Desert Scar. Due to his current dormant state, this curse is not currently a concern.


  • Chaos
  • Destruction
  • Vermin
  • Ruins
  • Evil

*This list is not exhaustive and is open for negotiation

Mogora, Pestilence

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