The Creators


The Creators are nine extremely powerful entities which are credited with creating the Universe. Of the original nine, only 6 are not dormant or dead. Each creator represents one of the nine elements of creation:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Metal
  • Nature
  • Void
  • The Heavens
  • Chaos

List of the Creators



Planes of Creation

The Creators also have a plane of existence which is connected to them, most often this means they rule over the plane.

  • Fire: Plane of Fire 
  • Water: The Deep
  • Earth: Plane of Earth
  • Air: Plane of Air
  • Metal: The Vault
  • Nature: The Endless Forest
  • Void: The Nothing
  • The Heavens: The Astral Plane
  • Chaos: The Turmoil

History of the Creators

The following is a brief and shallow history of the Creators as described in historical texts throughout Urth.

The Disappearance of Dydione

At the beginning of the Age of Darkness, Dydione, Creator of the Heavens, suddenly vanished without a trace. Without Dydione, the balance of the creators was thrown into turmoil and soon Ewysus, Creator of Chaos, took control. Ewysus' tyrannical rule persisted for centuries as the other Creators and their mortal followers amassed the power and plotted a revolt.

The Chaos War

Attacking as a united force, the other Creators and their loyal followers engaged Ewysus in a bloody war which lasted for nearly a century. It was during this time that several of the major Idols were formed. At what would be the final confrontation of the war, Udos, Creator of Void, sacrificed himself in order to seal Ewysus deep underground in the core of Urth. As Udos died, his immense magical power permanently corrupted the region of Urth which is now known as the Voidlands. Additionally, this explosion of magic gave form to several more Idols.

The Age of Conflict

After having succeeded in working together to defeat Ewysus, the Creators quickly return to feuding and fighting one another, although none of these conflicts could compare to the Chaos War.

The Modern Era

In recent years, the Creators have grown quiet, no longer dealing in mortals' affairs. Without their magical influence, the naturally chaotic magic of Urth has grown unstable, enabling a dawn of an Era of Idols as Idols are forming more frequently than ever before. 


The Creators

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