Udos, Creator of Void

(Ew' dohs)


Udos sacrificed himself in the Chaos War in order to seal away Ewysus in the center of Urth. When he was alive, he took the form of an ethereal shadow.



Although Udos has died, he retains a religious following. His followers value the afterlife as well as darkness. Although many who worship Udos could be considered evil, there are many who worship him due to his connection to the After Life.


Although Udos is deceased, his power flooded Urth after his death, creating several Idols and forming the Voidlands. Those who are truly faithful to Udos find they can draw upon this power.


Slain by Ewysus


  • Void
  • Death
  • Rune
  • Darkness

*This list is not exhaustive and is open for negotiation

Udos, Creator of Void

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