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Special Character Rules

  • Ability Scores will be a 25-Point Buy (Ability Score Calculator)
  • To anyone that cares, we'll also be using the Automatic Bonus Progression system
  • We are playing without alignment, instead each character has 3 "loyalties" which are the 3 things (be it something real or metaphorical) most important to you (feel free to ne loyal to "evil" or "good" if that's something important to you).

    • For Clerics/Paladins/Inquisitors: Have to have a loyalty to your Deity
    • Also for Paladins: See Paladins Without Alignment
    • For Druids: Have to have a loyalty to nature or the Druidic code of conduct
    • For Monks: Can't have a loyalty to anything that is "chaotic" (chaos, imbalance, etc.)
    • For Barbarians: Can't have a loyalty to anything that is "lawful" (order, law, etc.)

Website Resources

PFSRD - Official Pathfinder Reference Document

Archive of Nethys - Pathfinder reference website with nearly everything (disregard deities)

d20pfsrd - Like Archive of Nethys but a little more accessible (has 3rd party stuff so be careful of that)


The World of Urth


The Creators

The Idols

List of Idols

Notable Locations

On Urth, there are 3 major continents, Ewyhos, Dydria, and Bohrea.




Other notable locations





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